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And this year, you get a bonus bottom-line boost from energetic, assertive Mars, which is making its biennial blaze through Libra from October 4 to November As the red planet revs up your revenue, a project or plan could heat up fast. Mars hastens the pace—and, full disclosure, this planet can pump up your stress levels. There may be long hours and short deadlines at work before the holidays.

Necessity might be the mother of invention, but warrior Mars is its hyper-productive father. Instead of letting nerves and fear overtake you, consciously channel any anxious energy into hustling. Your desire to share your gifts resurfaces on October 3 as transformational Pluto wakes up from a five-month retrograde through Capricorn and your fifth house of creativity, passion and self-expression.

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While Pluto was back-spinning a cycle that began on April 24 you may have dipped below the radar, hiding your radiance while feeling self-conscious. Perhaps an ex surfaced, or you had to work through some old fears and baggage in your current union. You deserve a break from that confusion, Virgo, and as Pluto corrects course, clarity returns.

Should you cut ties or stick around and work through a difficult dynamic? That answer will soon become clear. One major point to consider: Do your values align? On October 7, the Sun in your stabilizing second house locks horns with structural Saturn, which, like Pluto, is in Capricorn and your fifth house of romance and self-expression.

And if they do, then it could be a matter of being a little more formal about how you operate within the relationship.

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Your timing and pacing could be off since Mars is like the cosmic accelerator and Saturn is the brake. A lot of hidden details get illuminated on October 14, when the Aries full moon sends its potent beams into your eighth house of intimacy, privacy and secrets. Are you in or are you out? This full moon in your zone of extremes is ready to move you out of the gray area.

The eighth house rules joint ventures, and this one could bring a proposal to the table—both in business and love. Could you merge your resources and talents for mutual gain?

Virgo Horoscope | September Monthly | Positively Astrology

But tread carefully: This full moon will form a dicey square to calculating Pluto in your dramatic fifth house. Married life will be happy and blessed.

Your spouse will motivate you and will be the pillar of your strength. Both of you will understand each other and make it through difficult times together. However, love lives of Virgo natives might be a bit erratic. You should try to be calm and patient if you do not want to spoil your relationship with your loved one. Your enemies will try to supercede you but will not let them succeed in their vicious attempts. You should be careful about your health, especially while being on the road as there are chances of accidents and loss of blood taking place.

Being alert and cautious will safeguard you. Students will be able to showcase their abilities and score well in their academics. You might acquire a new vehicle or a piece of land. There might be some tensions prevailing over the familial front. You should try to eliminate the misunderstandings that can disrupt the harmony of your home.

Virgo folks will develop a good bonding with your parents.

You should take care of their health, failing which it might degrade. You should realise that taking care of each other is one important element of a household, without which a family can disintegrate. You should not forget your duties towards your kinsmen. If you are involved in politics, you will get chances to gain the favour of the general public. You should not miss them if you want to do well in this particular sphere. If you are enrolled in a job, you will be able to get a promotion or a hike in salary during the latter half of the month.

The 9th,10th,18th,19th,27th, and 28th of this month seem to be unfavorable for you.

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You must, therefore, be cautious on these dates to avoid the occurrence of any problem. Source astrosage. To do this, please go to horoscope for the previous month and vote for the most accurate Virgo horoscope. What of the written there came true? Virgo horoscope for previous month. Read the horoscope for your rising sign and moon sign — sometimes it manifests more accurate than the sun one. And, of course, don't forget about your relatives and friends horoscopes:.

Your email address will not be published. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Do you want to overcome all obstacles easier and make the most of all the opportunities? Follow your zodiac strategy! Skip to content This month, you could be accused of receiving cosmic favouritism. Venus in your sign until September 15 simultaneously with Mercury, will make love languages of all kinds very sweet for you early in the month.

Horoscopes. For you. And you. Yeah, and you too.

The energy emanating from the planets puts you in touch with your feelings. During the month of September, remarkable analytical skills will be possessed by you, which will help you to make the right decisions. Choose the most accurate horoscope: astrolis. Leave a Comment Cancel Reply Your email address will not be published.