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As with any life changing event, this journey will involve new places and things that you will want to grow into and understand. Difficult times can teach you about yourself and make you see the world in a new light. Your character develops most during complicated transits.

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People in authority may observe how you handle tension and stress revealing your leadership potential. LAGAZ is your descriptor rune that is associated with flexibility and adaptable energy. LAGAZ is connected to the mysterious and transitional realms and signifies your higher self. With the rune LAGAZ, your unconscious mind opens and you are able to look within your heart but see beyond to your past lives.

The journey you are on has much to do with a purpose you are here to complete, and the spiritual awareness that grows during this weekend can aid you along that process. Taurus, ODIN is your primary rune for this weekend. You can't always plan for the unexpected, and some things are too good to know about in advance.

ODIN energy supports wonderful changes to your life that enhance your way of doing things. You may discover a happy change that puts your life on a new path and turns it completely around. This is the ability to learn how life flows together as one. You are becoming a person who knows when and how to make adjustments in response to significant change.

Your May Monthly Horoscope

This rune offers you protection during times that are emotionally complicated. EHWAZ supports confronting negativity and banishing it for good. It gives you permission to place a high stake on your time and to be unwilling to sacrifice it for less than you deserve. With this rune, you can set clear boundaries that keeps you from repeating unhealthy cycles. These changes will be long-standing and affect your career, your family, and your friendships.

Great happiness is coming to your life, you don't have to do anything for it to arrive. You've already done all that needs to be done and now it's time to openly receive it.

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  7. This runic energy is associated with the opening of a flower and change from small seed to full growth. When a flower opens, it releases its scent. Sometimes it requires the care of a trusted advisor or mentor. You may be going through a tough time or resolving difficult memories, and to heal you need to speak out in a safe place.

    See, that’s what the app is perfect for.

    THURISA is your descriptor rune and this means you will pass through many healing moments before the true you feels free to bloom. THURISA is a sign of transition but it also advises that you stop and stand within the thresh hold before walking all the way through.

    It's a moment for you to reflect on all that has happened and how far you've come. It's okay to mourn the past, but it's also good to let it stay where it belongs as you walk forward without it no longer part of your narrative.


    This rune is symbolic of unexpected events. ANSUZ encourages you to answer the call to adventure when you hear it. You'll want to be more receptive to introductions and when you meet someone, it's no coincidence. It's the universe creating an opportunity for you to grow. To be a person people want to know, develop your self and work on your best traits.

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    It will be to your advantage. You can't stay where you are now any longer. You've out grown this place in your life. You may not necessarily feel ready or prepared but you are. RAIDO warns against taking on too much at one time and to pace yourself when tackling new challenges. The energy being offered to you with this rune is a breakthrough into a new area of your life.

    It's a time when challenge and hardship come to a close. Radical trust is what you'll need. You will find that in order for you to move along without fear you will need to lean on trust more than logic.

    Aries 12222

    This runic energy symbolizes harvest from seeds you planted in the past. You will feel regenerated as new growth appears in an area that was dead in your life before. Be wise at this time, as timing is everything. Transition is a vulnerable time and care is needed. Libra, your primary rune for the weekend is KANO. With KANO energy you are invited to explore love and all its mysteries. You can love with abandon but to do so with wisdom and insight.

    You may need to learn how to love all over again if you have given of yourself before and have been hurt. If you're feeling hesitant to trust someone new, it can be a challenge.

    Here is your 3-card tarot spread for today's rune reading:

    This rune often indicates a return to wholeness and self-centering. You may recover a piece of yourself that you once thought you lost. These will become a source of energy when you feel afraid to give your all. You may find this weekend something kicks up in your spirit, and you realize something about your feelings that come from within. These energies offer you support in a spiritual way. You may find that you are more discerning and sensitive to energy that's indescribable. You grow in the ability to make wise choices without much delay.

    The relationship will be a gift for you. This is a beautiful omen in a reading. The possibilities are endless when you learn how to harness your spiritual energy. Sagittarius, your primary rune for this weekend is ODIN. Play hooky, rendezvous with a lover, or chat up a storm on dating apps. Enjoy picking and choosing between intimate time with your mate—or flirting with potential ones—and that laundry list of gatherings and events!

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